SCOHD works in a number of ways to empower the LGBT community as well as to contribute to the Pondicherry society. The following events and services are held regularly in order to create acceptance and understanding.

Protection against domestic, physical and homophobic violence
SCOHD functions as a safe space for members of the LGBT community where you can feel protected and comfortable, both physically and mentally.

A meeting place
SCOHD functions as a meeting place where members of the community can drop in at our headquarters to talk, dance and enjoy meeting other like-minded people. SCOHD  is a place for free expression, support and education.

Behavior Change Communication (BCC) Events
48 exhibitions and 36 street plays have been conducted at various hotspots and rural sectors to identify the hidden population of the LGBT community. The outreach workers (ORW) will seek the permission with their Community Health Educator and accommodate the exhibition stall with their team. 23 newly individually identified HRGs have been interacted and along with them 13 adolescent cases have been identified and they have been cared specially, still they step in their teen age. Many general cases were also identified and referred to ICTC Centre and Odiyansalai STI clinic. Our Street play team was specially trained by the Trainer of Trainee and some other special troops.

Crisis Response
Harassment and violence towards sexual minorities is common and is a significant barrier to TIs towards key HIV infected populations. Crisis response interventions increase outreach to members of the HRG, thereby strengthening the community based organizations (CBO) relationship with them and gaining their trust. It also facilitates the establishment of a good report between ORWs and members of the HRG, which helps communication about prevention and treatments of STIs.
At the latest meeting a number of topics were discussed, such as the basic rights of ration card, voter identity card and place for shelter. The merely solution is to change the view and attitude of the society and it’s not the remedy resolution suddenly and to work and wait a lot.


Legal aid counseling